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As Above So Below is a co-op  multiplayer, low-key puzzle-platformer set in the depths of hell.  *oooh scaaary*

Here the players will take on the roles of Demona- a sassy, fireball slinging, sword wielding demon who has "Had it up to here with you, Satan"- and Angelus - the equally fed-up, seemingly rebellious angel who will "defend his friend until the end"- on a valiant quest through the realm of hell. The two conveniently find their way to a portal leading directly to the fires below and begin their adventure. Here they must work together to reach their goal of defeating Satan- a real pain in the butt. 

Key Features:

-Co-op Multiplayer, Puzzle-Platformer
-3 Levels + Boss Battle
-Pixel Art Characters and Environment
-Made with GameMaker Studio

Additional Information:

-Release: 23/06/17
-Platform: PC
-Price: Free

*PLEASE NOTE*  This game is still in development so there is the odd bug!

Personal Information:

I am a first year student at Media Design School in Auckland, NZ. As Above So Below is my first game that I have **ever** made. My goals are to become a game designer and/or a level designer B) 


To find more of my work, such as art, follow my Instagram (@shaky_flame) or email me at hollyramone13@gmail.com

Install instructions

Download the .exe to play


as above so below.exe 32 MB

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